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Welcome to HammerFour™ a Direct Response Mitigation Training™ company based in the United States of America.  We are a U.S. Marine Corps veteran owned and operated company.  HammerFour™ was founded on the belief that becoming proficient with any new skill requires a minimum of two things.  A system to learn from and a commitment from the student and instructor.

HammerFour has developed a unique system of learning called (F.I.T.E.) Fundamental Immersion Training Evolved™.  A four part system designed to build a safer, more proficient well rounded shooter.

“I like to use the analogy that when building a house you don’t
start with the roof or choose the windows. You build a
solid foundation first. The more preparation and
effort you put into the foundation the more
likely it will perform well under the
rigors of stress and time.”

HammerFour does not portray itself as the “best in the business” or “superior to others.” Our philosophy is to be professional and to carry ourselves with dignity and pride in one’s efforts.  We take pride in showing you a path to improve over a period of time, to become a master of the basics and to always remember “the only easy way is the hard way.”  A wise salty old Marine Sergeant once told us, “there is no free cup of coffee in this business.”  To become a master of the basics requires great effort and a commitment to “Never Stop Training.”  Take ownership in your right to bear arms.  Contact HammerFour™ today and make a commitment to be a more proficient, safe and responsible firearms owner.

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