Scott Hill is a veteran Fast Company Marine and Law Enforcement Officer with over 25 years of dedicated real world experience. He was instrumental in the evolution of the U.S. Marine Corps Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST), Pacific whose mission was the protection and recovery of national vital assets. In 1989 Scott was awarded the Instructors Choice Award at the US Marine Corps Close Quarters Battle School thus beginning his long career as a guide, coach, mentor and instructor. His military experience helped form his core belief that “the only easy way is the hard way.” After leaving the military Scott served as an instructor at Advanced Tactics & Survival and Camp CQB LLC. He has been serving as a dedicated Law Enforcement Professional for over 21 years holding various positions as Use of Force Instructor, Police Academy Instructor, SWAT Team Leader and Firearms Instructor. Scott recently completed two deployments in Afghanistan where he served as Lead Close Quarters Battle Instructor for the Afghan Special Police Unit Counter Terrorism\Narcotics (SPU). In 2012, Scott designed and formed the company HammerFour, a Direct Response Mitigation™ Training company. He has developed a very unique learning system called F.I.T.E.™ Fundamental Immersion Training Evolved™. Scott currently serves the city Lewiston Maine as a Police Officer & Crime Scene Investigator.

Email: x03inafghan@yahoo.com

IMG_1286Jason Johnson is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard and professional Law Enforcement Officer with over 21 years of experience.  His accolades include serving on the Narcotics Enforcement Team, Officer in Charge of the Marine Patrol Unit, Dive Team and a Cadre at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  He is a Certified MCJA Instructor in the fields of Mechanics of Arrest and Control (MARC), Taser, and Riot Control. Jason has trained for more than two decades in philosophies and techniques from multiple disciplines to hone his skills and teaching abilities in the area of self defense, threat awareness and Direct Response Mitigation™.  Most notably he developed our F.I.T.E. H2H™ program and brings direct experience and proven real world techniques to the F.I.T.E. System™.  He currently serves the City of Lewiston Maine as a Police Officer & Violent Crimes Investigator. 

Email: finallyfoundit7375@yahoo.com