Introduction to FITE was designed for the NEW shooter. Weather you just purchased your very first pistol or have never received any formal training; Intro to FITE is the perfect course to prepare you for responsible gun ownership. Today’s world has become increasingly more dangerous. To be a responsible gun owner requires a commitment to familiarize yourself with the laws governing use of force and a willingness to learn how to protect yourself against the dangers we face on a daily basis. HammerFour has developed Intro to FITE with a specific purpose. Provide the new student with an educational path he or she can follow. Along the way the student will find ANSWERS to difficult questions. You have taken the first step by purchasing a firearm; now take the next step, make the commitment to train with HammerFour.


Topics discussed:


Safety       Getting to know your Firearm      Home Defense


Holster Selection   Concealed Carry    Maine Law


Marksmanship       Fundamental Immersion Training Evolved

Equipment Required for this course:

  • Secondary weapon (handgun 9mm-45ACP)
  • Hydration. Plastics containers are fine!
  • 4-hours of time to learn
  • Comfortable clothes
  • A snack with something to drink
  • Mindset and a Desire to Learn!

All Students
  • Prior Basic Handgun Experience Required
  • Students must be 18+