Professional athletes do not just start out in the pros. There are years of determined, hard practice behind them. There is a mindset that pushes them to become the best in their sport, and a willingness to work hard to become one of the elite.

Learning to shoot accurately is no different.

F.I.T.E. ONE™ is the first step to becoming a pistol marksman, a bridge between basic and advanced courses, and is the basis of the entire F.I.T.E. System™.

In this class, under intense coaching and supervision, we will help reconstruct your body mechanics and re-teach your muscles to shoot by building the base fundamental skills you need to be accurate. With this emphasis on fundamentals and firearms manipulation, you will proceed through three days of  hard, repetitious training that will provide the core building blocks for shooting with surgical precision. Once these fundamentals are solid, you will have more time to think about how to solve the problem in front of you, rather than how to manipulate the firearm.

Developed and proven in the real world with professional warriors, F.I.T.E. ONE™ is not a “see how fast you can shoot” or “send thousands of rounds downrange” type of course. It is physically demanding, mentally stressful, and focuses on accuracy above all else.
Join us and start your journey towards professional development utilizing one of the most complete training systems in the industry!

Equipment Required for this course:

  • Secondary weapon (handgun – 9mm-45ACP). Backup not required, but never discouraged
  • 500 rounds for handgun
  • Normal first line equipment (sturdy belt, holster, sling, vest, etc.)
  • Head protection, eg. Baseball cap
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • Hydration system. Pastic containers are fine.

F.I.T.E 1 is taken in two parts, each consisting of two days of training.

F.I.T.E 1.1 (2 Day Class) $349.00
F.I.T.E 1.2 (2 Day Class) $349.00

Please check the training schedule for the latest course schedules and Contact Scott Hill to register at