• FITE ONE™ Sustainment 1-7-13
  • HammerFour™ - Intro to F.I.T.E.™


Marksmanship is a diminishing skill. Over time, if you do not maintain your abilities, you will be less likely to perform well under stress.

Graduates of the F.I.T.E. System™ are encouraged to return to classes at their current level  and maintain their skills through Sustainment Days. These low-cost alternatives allow students to meet other dedicated shooters and train alongside each other without having to relearn the basics. For example, any graduate of F.I.T.E. ONE™ can return to any subsequent F.I.T.E. ONE™ class for only $100 per day. This is the perfect chance to fine tune your body mechanics, increase your speed, and maintain your marksmanship fundamentals.  Sustainment students do NOT need to attend all days of the class, they can choose any single day that best fits their schedule.  Any graduate of F.I.T.E  TWO™ can do the same.

Sustainment days are also offered by themselves a couple of times a month. This give students ample opportunity to attend a training day that best fits their own schedules.


Sustainment day: $100.00