• HammerFour™ - F.I.T.E. ONE


The FITE System™ is designed to reconstruct and increase the student’s marksmanship skill sets in a clear progression from one course to the next. Each course aims to reinforce the Core Principles of Marksmanship, Mindset, Manipulation and Movement while building upon and refining techniques and critical thinking skills.



F.I.T.E. CC™ will teach the average everyday shooter who carries concealed as a civilian or off duty/plain clothed police officer/detective, the techniques and mindset they need to help mitigate deadly force encounters in the non-permissive, semi non-permissive or permissive environments that we face on a daily basis.




F.I.T.E. ONE™ reintroduces students to the Core Principles of marksmanship with the secondary weapon system and subjects them to intense practice and coaching. Focus is on safety, manipulation and accuracy.




F.I.T.E. TWO™ continues to build solid secondary weapon skills and begins to incorporate the primary weapon system. Accuracy is still paramount, and at this level, students begin to work as teams to accomplish objectives.




F.I.T.E. THREE™  solidifies proficiency with both systems and involves the use of tactics. Students work as units and focus on problem solving skills under extreme stress




F.I.T.E. FOUR™  The final component to the F.I.T.E System. It is a two part course that utilizes live fire and simunitions to test the students progression.




F.I.T.E. SUSTAINMENT™  Marksmanship is a diminishing skill. Over time, If you do not maintain your abilities, you will be less likely to perform well under stress.




Intro to F.I.T.E™ Weather you just purchased your very first pistol or have never received any formal training; Intro to FITE is the perfect course to prepare you for responsible gun ownership.