• FITE ONE™ Sustainment 1-7-13
  • HammerFour™ - F.I.T.E. TWO™

F.I.T.E. Four™

The ultimate validation of hard training, F.I.T.E. 4 will allow students to combine all previous skills developed in the F.I.T.E. System™ and apply them in realistic scenarios with live fire Simunition™ rounds.

F.I.T.E. 4.1 will apply all previously taught skills focusing on the handgun or secondary weapon system.

F.I.T.E. 4.2 will apply all previously taught skills focusing on the rifle or primary weapon system

These 2 day immersive classes will review everything previously taught in the F.I.T.E. System™, culminating in real-world scenarios where students will need to apply the four principles of the HammerFour™ philosophy to achieve their objectives.

It is a class like no other.  These classes will solidify your basic fundamentals of marksmanship, mindset, manipulation and movement.

Join us and start your journey towards professional development utilizing one of the most complete training systems in the industry!

F.I.T.E 4.1 Equipment Required for this course:

  • Secondary weapon (handgun – 9mm-45ACP).
  • 250 rounds for Handgun
  • All Simunitions equipment provided by HammerFour
  • All Simunitions ammunition provided by HammerFour
  • Normal first line equipment (sturdy belt, holster, sling, vest, etc.)
  • Head protection, eg. Baseball cap
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • Hydration system. Plastic containers are fine.


F.I.T.E Four: $499.00

Please check the training schedule for the latest course schedules and Contact Scott Hill to register at x03inafghan@yahoo.com