F.I.T.E. Three™

F.I.T.E. THREE™ continues to immerse the student in the foundation for the basic fundamentals of marksmanship, movement, mindset and manipulation achieved in the F.I.T.E. ONE™ and F.I.T.E. TWO™ classes.

We place the student in the world of the semi and non-permissive environment changing their mindset dynamics. Emphasis is placed on mindset, solidifying perfect manipulation with the primary and secondary weapon system and developing surgical marksmanship while under extreme stress. Instructors will open the student’s vision to a 360 degree world while at the same time pushing the student to problem solve.

Danger areas, entry, exit and movement in the urban world are key components to achieving success in the F.I.T.E. System™.

Equipment Required for this course:

  • Primary weapon (rifle or carbine)
  • 600 rounds for primary weapon
  • Secondary weapon (handgun – 9mm-45ACP). Backup not required, but never discouraged
  • 400 rounds for handgun
  • Normal first line equipment (sturdy belt, holster, sling, vest, etc.)
  • Head protection, eg. Baseball cap
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • Hydration system. Pastic containers are fine.

F.I.T.E Three (Three Day Class): $499.00

Please check the training schedule for the latest course schedules and Contact Scott Hill to register at x03inafghan@yahoo.com

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