F.I.T.E. TWO™ will continue to build upon the foundation of the basic fundamentals of marksmanship, movement, mindset and manipulation achieved in the F.I.T.E. ONE™ class.

The focus for this course is on the introduction of the primary weapon system such as a rifle, shotgun or submachine gun. Bridging this system with your secondary weapon is our focus. Instructors will hammer the core philosophy again focusing on body mechanics and economy of motion as it relates to manipulation. Students will be held to the highest standards of marksmanship under extreme stress and in many non- standard firing positions. Defensive techniques of the platform will be stressed, engaging multiple threats at unknown distances, using cover while moving, and how and when to transition to the secondary weapon system.

F.I.T.E. TWO™ will end with the students working in paired teams to accomplish objectives such as “moving off the X” that simulate real-world, highly stressful situations.

Join us and start your journey towards professional development utilizing one of the most complete training systems in the industry!

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Equipment Required for this course:

  • Primary weapon (rifle or carbine)
  • 600 rounds for primary weapon
  • Secondary weapon (handgun – 9mm-45ACP). Backup not required, but never discouraged
  • 400 rounds for handgun
  • Normal first line equipment (sturdy belt, holster, sling, vest, etc.)
  • Head protection, eg. Baseball cap
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • Hydration system. Plastic containers are fine.

Please check the training schedule for the most updated course offerings, or contact Scott Hill to register at x03inafghan@yahoo.com

F.I.T.E Two (Three Day Class): $499.00

Please check the training schedule for the latest course schedules and Contact Scott Hill to register at x03inafghan@yahoo.com

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