“Call me an over-achiever, but I have always wanted to take part in high-level, elite training. As a civilian, this isn’t usually an option, so most of us settle for whats available. I have taken plenty of shooting courses, and as I look back now, its as if they were all just kindergarten.

HammerFour is different, its not a “shooting school” its a platform upon which operators are built.  They don’t teach you to “shoot guns”, they teach you how to integrate your weapons system into your neurology, fusing you and the firearm into a functional, inseparable whole. It’s as if they take your existing – or non existent – shooting habits, and literally “over- write” them with new, upgraded, state of the art software.

The combination of a best-practices mindset, perfect-form repetition, and multi-angle video coaching combine under the “critical eye” of experience to craft pinnacle performers.

This training vets the weak, and burns out your weaknesses – turning you, and those you train with, into surgical precision shooters, capable of so much more than just hitting a target. We think, move, and communicate as one.

Would I recommend you train with HammerFour?  Only if I like you, because I will be training with these folks for years to come.”

-Daniel V

Business Owner, Public Speaker



***** 5 star  Scott does an amazing job getting you to learn the

fundamentals. He hammers them into you while giving you the corrections when

needed, and trust me, they were needed. Hands down the best class I have taken. I

will highly recommend his classes to anyone considering firearm training. My skills

have definitely improved 10 fold and you leave with the ability to keep training, and

the desire to further better yourself. I can’t wait to get back in the classroom and out

on the range again with Scott!

Ahren Groleau